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Glyphosate Herbicides

Glyphosate Herbicides

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About this items

Brands: Forceup/ Uproot/ Gobara/ Sarosate/ Relisate/ Rakeout/ Clearweed

Active ingredient: Glyphosate

Product type: Herbicide (Non-Selective)

Bottle quantity: 1 liter

Number per carton: 12

Weight (per Liter): 0.1 kilogram

Other details

  • is a non-selective foliar-applied that is good for the control of most stubborn annual and perennial grasses
  • it causes no residual soil activity
  • It controls weeds both above and underground
  • may be applied by knapsacks or tractor mounted sprayer. A rain free period of at least 6 hours must follow spraying.
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