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Oil Palm Harvester Machine (2 Strokes Engine, 26cc) Palm Cutter

Oil Palm Harvester Machine (2 Strokes Engine, 26cc) Palm Cutter

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About this item

Working Width: 200 mm

Tractor Power: 1 - 1.5 HP

Application: Palm olive

Machine Type: Palm and Olive harvester

Type: Mini Harvester

Weight: 20 KG

Warranty: 3 months

Core Components: Gearbox, Engine

Row Distance: 100 - 200 mm

Drive Type: Gasoline/Petrol

Dimension(L*W*H): 3500mm*300mm*300mm

Certificate: CE

Displacement: 26cc

Engine: 2 Stroke

Mixed Fuel Ratio: 25:1

Fuel Tank Capacity: 750ml

Packaging: Carton

Other details

  • This Oil Palm Harvester Machine is used for the harvesting of palm fruits.
  • It is a petrol powered motorized machine that can be used to carefully and speedily harvest oil palm bunches.
  • The palm harvester is very efficient as it can harvest several bunches of oil palm fruits within a few hours.
  • The oil palm harvester has two blade-like sickles with a 3 metres harvesting pole which it uses to cut oil palm fruit bunches from the oil palm tree.
  • The palm harvester can also be used to harvest other types of fruits especially those that need to be harvested from tall trees e.g. pawpaw, orange etc.
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